Jewellery Care

Tips on how to care for your LUNA LAPIS jewellery

LUNA LAPIS jewellery features a genuine crystal on either Sterling Silver, 14K Gold-Filled, or 925 silver / 18K gold plated hardware. Please care for your jewellery carefully to ensure the crystal retains its natural, beautiful qualities and the hardware is protected.

To ensure your jewellery lasts for many years to come, I recommend the following: 

• Avoid contact with chemicals (eg: perfume, moisturisers, soap, self-tan, skin care products, hairspray, cleaning products, etc) 

• Do not wear your jewellery in the shower, bath or pool, or while working out (as sweat can alter the pH of your skin and could damage jewellery)

• Store your jewellery in the box or provided. Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled jewellery will include an Anti-tarnish Paper in the box – please keep this as it will help your jewellery keep its shine! You can also store your jewellery in a jewellery box while not in use, taking care not to tangle with other items of jewellery. If you are not wearing the jewellery for a long time, then storing it in a zip lock bag can also help prevent the silver or gold from tarnishing

• Do not store in direct sunlight or in humid environments (eg: bathroom) 

• If you need to clean your jewellery item, use a soft, dry, lint free jewellery cloth 

• If you would like to cleanse your crystal, please research your crystal properties first. Some crystals (such as Labradorite, Amazonite, Sodalite, etc) should not be in contact with water as this can damage the crystal


To wear your earrings, carefully unhook the pin end from the back loop. Very gently pull the earring hoop open just enough to slide over your earlobe. Take care not to bend or twist the earring as this could cause damage to the hoop. Thread the pin through your piercing to the back of your ear. Then place the pin end of the earring through the back loop to securely close the hoop.  

Metals that I use in LUNA LAPIS Jewellery

I use 4 types of metals in my LUNA LAPIS jewellery.

I have a high quality collection of Sterling Silver precious metal, and 14K Gold-Filled jewellery intended for everyday wear to last for many years to come. I also have a costume jewellery collection featuring 925 Silver plating or 18K Gold plating intended for more occasional wear and at a lower price point.

You can find out more about each metal below:

Sterling Silver

We all know Sterling Silver and you probably already have many silver pieces in your jewellery collection. Silver is a hard wearing, and long lasting precious metal. Like gold, silver can tarnish over time, but this can be easily removed with gentle cleaning returning your jewellery to its original beauty. You can prevent tarnishing altogether by wearing your silver jewellery daily, or by following the jewellery care tips I have outlined above.

Did you know that Sterling Silver also has it’s own energies and properties? I love using silver in my collections as it is believed that silver can enhance and strengthen the properties of crystals. In ancient times, Silver was associated with the moon, and gold with the sun.

14K Gold-Filled

Gold-Filled jewellery is not be confused with Gold Plated jewellery. Gold-filled comprises of a solid gold layer (14K in the instance of my jewellery) which is permanently bonded to a base metal. This makes Gold-filled jewellery very hard wearing under careful wear, and will not peel or flake like gold plating would. It is also a more economical alternative to solid gold.

Please see my jewellery care tips above to ensure your golf-filled jewellery will last for many years to come.

925 Silver and 18K Gold Plating

I use 925 silver plating and 18K gold plating in my costume jewellery collections which are intended for occasional wear and are a lower price point than my precious metals collection.

Plated jewellery contains a base alloy metal with a layer of silver or gold covered (plated) on top. I only use Nickel free metals (I myself react to nickel so I never use it!).

The benefit of plated jewellery is that it is available at a lower price point than precious metals. The downside is that plated jewellery will not last forever as it can discolour, peel or flake.

It is difficult to state how long plated jewellery will last as it will depend on how often you wear it and how it is cared for. If you follow my jewellery care tips above and ensure never to get your plated jewellery wet, then it should last you a considerably longer time.


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