4 Years of LUNA LAPIS

Four years ago today (as I am writing this on 20 January 2021), I started LUNA LAPIS as a passion project to fulfil a creative interest in crystals and their properties. Fast forward 3 years and LUNA LAPIS has grown from passion project to a small business!

I can’t believe how much has changed in such a small space of time… It was really only during Lockdown in 2020 that I started to really focus on this little passion project and I started to think “what if…” What if I put more time, effort and determination into this, could it become a business? After summer 2020, and the launch of my Sterling Silver collection, the answer was YES!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really mean it when I say YOU reading this right now is one of the reasons this has become a reality. Every purchase, follow on social media, comment, share, like, and engagement is the reason I am here now doing what I do, and loving every minute! It’s taken a lot of hard work and investment from my part, but I am truly blown away by your support!

Here’s to the last 4 years of growth, and here’s to many more – I hope you will join me on my journey wherever it leads us…

Published by Luna Lapis

Genuine raw and cut crystal jewellery for bohemians and free spirits! 'Luna Lapis' means moon stone in Latin, and my name is also inspired by my beautiful little cat Luna!

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